Bell Pepper Pokker Money Award in Korea

Those of you that are lucky enough to be residing in Korea have a good possibility to earn some dough through the 피망포커머니상 .The award may be worth a massive KRW 1 million. Which means that you need to use your winnings to get a brand new car as well as journey to Europe. The award is available to whoever has a Bell Pepper account and is playing the game.

N Poker Money Award

Several well-known South Korean poker players have earned an enormous payout. One player is Vivian Im. She has earned over $1m. Im ranks whilst the 15th best South Korean poker player. Furthermore, she is the sole South Korean to achieve the final table of an EPT Main Event.

Another South Korean who has earned an enormous payout is Lee Chang-ho. Furthermore, he’s also the sole Korean to win an APT Player of the Series award. He in addition has won a six-figure prize at PokerStars. He’s reached the final table of the EPT Main Event as well. He’s been winning his life at poker for several years. Actually, he’s an expert poker player who has a lot more than 15 years of experience.

Other South Korean poker players include Arieh Arieh, who was simply born in 1985 and has a four-year age difference with Negreanu. He won a $10,000 entry live tournament. He in addition has played WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. He’s won a six-figure prize at the PokerStars main event. He in addition has ranked highly in South Korea’s all-time money list. He in addition has won a Korean hip-hop award.

If you’re buying good destination for a play poker, you are able to read the Paradise City Casino, which is the biggest foreigners-only casino in Korea. It’s noted for having several popular live poker tournaments. It can also be home to the NSUSLAB Korea. This company is noted for their quality and speed as it pertains to developing gaming software.


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